A few new: When It Goes; Shadorma 360; Tanka 266

A couple of recent new poems.

When It Goes

when the sewing machine
lets itself be threaded
things go
like this:
the thread over down up around around pull it in and press
the lever snaps back like that and the eye of the needle
sees the thread coming and
doesn’t blink



Shadorma 360

electrical wires
stacked three deep
cross the yard
the current flows the black lines
shiver in the sun



Tanka 266

Top floor apartment
across the street. The new face
peering out at me
from the kitchen window and
it frowns. I draw my curtains.


9 thoughts on “A few new: When It Goes; Shadorma 360; Tanka 266

  1. I like these, too. The personality of the sewing machine–always a little scary to me–and the face in the apartment window tanka made me chuckle. I don’t know why, but I pictured a sort of 1950s scene. 😀

    • Funny you say that, I also had a vintage picture in my mind when writing this, and I don’t know where it came from. It’s funny that somehow this idea came through to you.

      • That is funny. I think I was picturing the old sewing machine my mom had that was in a cool sort of table. And the woman at the window had a scarf wrapped around her head like I Like Lucy when she was cleaning–but the scene maybe looked like Rear Window. 🤣

        • My mother’s sewing machine flipped down into a cabinet when she wasn’t using it and it looked like a table. But the table always had the smell of sewing machine oil, a dead giveaway that something was hidden inside to me, but other people never seemed to know…it was in our spare room growing up and to be honest, the machine was up more than it was tidied away. As for the woman, hmmm, I see her in a yellow scarf and in a tiny galley kitchen with a glaring overhead light, with flimsy curtains. (this sort of sounds like the kitchen in my first apartment now that I think of it…)

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