Shadorma 229, 230, 231

Shadorma 229

Flat bottoms
scraping on the trees
weary clouds
edges frayed
curse and drag themselves awake.
Bloated. Fractious. Sour.


Shadorma 230

Wary eyes
watch the clouds decide:
all-out rain
here and now
or resentful bloated sulk
and then all-out rain.


Shadorma 231

As shadows
we wait in the field
on the edge
of night lives
we do not share. A lone tree.
Screech owl. The full moon.


2 thoughts on “Shadorma 229, 230, 231

  1. I really like the atmosphere in all of these poems. They all have that weight of the moment before something happens. I think I identify with those clouds.

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