7 thoughts on “Road Not Taken Much

  1. Ooh, love the rhythm in this and especially the last few lines. Amazing piece! Every road is a different one, never really knowing where we end up for sure until it’s time. Love how you delved into this with such beautiful imagery. ❤

  2. I really like this, including the little chuckle at the title. Such a vivid description of this little road, and I agree with Lucy that every road is different.

    • Thank you. I grew up out in the country where this kind of road was common (now it is all tame suburbia but 50+ years ago, a wonderland for kids on bikes to explore). To me this kind of road is what you want to follow, even after it fades off into the weeds…you can’t say what might be beyond???

  3. I love this one Claudia, so concise and evocative. I love little roads too, better yet little tracks that may lead to unexpected places literally or metaphorically ( or not)

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