A few new: Shadorma 357; Kitchen Song; Shadorma 358

A few recent poems.

Shadorma 357

plenty tart
and full of friction
she is no
suggestible mannequin
wearing a taut smile



Kitchen Song

The cooks leaning over their stoves
I’ll make you bad pancakes, sang the short guy
I’l smear butter in your hair.
Let me prove to you how much I love you
how much I really care.
The tall fellow ran a big metal spoon
along the row of utensils on hooks above the counter.
The small thin woman rang the side of a metal bowl
with her wedding ring.The rhythm was good.
The short guy smiled. The pancakes sizzled on the grill.



Shadorma 358

the rabbit
could sit in the palm
of my hand
but he won’t
of course. Too young to know much
but this, yes, he knows.