Large Artist Sketchbook 2020: Shadorma 276

You may know that in addition to my poetry I also do art, posted on my blog Claudia McGill and Her Art World. For the next several months I will be posting here a combined art/poetry project, Large Artist Sketchbook 2020.

I fill up sketchbooks with all kinds of art. Some contain images only and some of them I use the images as inspiration for poetry. In these books the image is on one page of the spread and the poetry on the other. This book is set up in this manner.

I’ll show you the image and then add the poem that goes with it. See what you think.

Shadorma 276

What we think:
it will all depend
on the next
two seconds
the next blink of an eyelash
and whose blink it is

Large Artist Sketchbook 2020 image 13

2 thoughts on “Large Artist Sketchbook 2020: Shadorma 276

  1. The poetry and art work are brilliant together. I love all of the eyes and gazes in the drawing. They convey so much storytelling and emotion. I also love the composition. The heads of the people are such a similar shape to the rocks on which they stand that my brain insists on reading them as rock people, birthed from the landscape, and the dominant figure as a cactus person who – at this moment in time – would like to be absorbed back into the cactus. And I love the way the green is kept to the centre of the illustration.

    • Thank you. This picture I was thinking of doing my usual page-filling methods and I got this far, and it seemed complete, so I stopped. I let it sit a few days, weeks even, and I never got the idea where else to go with it. I am glad now I left it as I did. As for the rocks and heads, you know, I just like drawing that shape, I think!

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