5 thoughts on “Pink Rose

  1. Maybe I am in a super cynical mood but I am thinking about that pink rose as a symbol of the prospects for the married couple. Was it planted in a spot that will enable it to thrive and grow and blossom, tended by someone who knows how to care for a plant that requires nurturing, or was it left in the pot, neglected to the point that it shriveled, became root bound, and now stands no chance of flourishing?

  2. I like to think it’s a symbol of hope, as well. I think a potted plant means more than cut flowers, since it has the potential to live on–and roses are love with its beauty and its thorns.

    • Yes, roses are symbolic with so many meanings, and I think pink is especially given to such nice sentiments. And I agree, a potted plant lives on, cut flowers are dead. I thought of this when writing the poem, the ongoing life of the plant seemed important to me. Even if roses are kind of finicky, well, that just means more care must be taken, and that is not bad for a marriage thought, either, maybe.

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