6 thoughts on “Two Reasons

  1. Having lived most of my life in Scotland where we get assailed by clouds of midges in the summer months, I can definitely attest to the fruitlessness of the hand flapping but I think it is something we do instinctively, a reflex action. The insects probably laugh at us.

    • I think they are attracted to sweat and once they get the idea they want a taste of you, well…I remember many years ago I was running in a 5K trail run in Fort Washington state park, an evening event. I was going along when suddenly the woman in front of me stopped and started sort of screaming. I stopped but she waved me on, said she was ok. Later in the race she passed me again so whatever happened didn’t really slow her down. Turned out a bee had gone into her mouth (no amount of flapping dissuaded it) and stung her. Luckily she did not breathe it in or swallow it but you should have seen her face. And despite all of this she still beat me pretty handily. This is my gold standard for insect determination no matter how much you flap your hands…

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