A Certain Kind of Sparkle

A Certain Kind of Sparkle

The bees buzz
the silly pink fluffy-big-heads on tall green stalks
who accept the attention
because that’s what they do
and laugh at you who is by now running down
your mental list of garden flowers
looking for a checkmark
but don’t:
they are nothing but
all-out proud
one hundred percent
who have set themselves up by the side of the road
in extrovert clumps. Alert and fresh
this first thing in the morning
do they ever look good
those silly pink fluffy-big-heads
swaying on their tall green stalks
a flutter of skinny leaves and
hypnotize the bees that buzz
and laugh.


2 thoughts on “A Certain Kind of Sparkle

  1. I like pretty weeds. Right now the grass verges of even the busiest roads can look like meadows full of brightly coloured flowers and I appreciate them for adding some beauty to the world.

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