Shadorma 226, Shadorma 227

Shadorma 226

The button
parted with the dress
on bad terms
though agreed
the thread shared the blame all right.
Not all friendships last.


Shadorma 227

Jealous green
twines around your arm
trails fingers
Winks. You will
only notice the blisters
after she’s long gone.


2 thoughts on “Shadorma 226, Shadorma 227

  1. I find that first poem really powerful as a metaphor for friendships. Some friendships work fantastically well and all the individuals mesh together perfectly for a while but not all friendships last and we don’t have to regret the ones that don’t stand the test of time because they were great while they lasted.

    • I have come to realize that as time goes on and I have more years and phases of life to review, it is clear to me that some people are in your life for a certain time, and then things diverge, and that is not a bad thing in of itself, because as you say some friendships are meant for a certain time and place, not all evolve. I do think there are also friendships that end badly and you do wonder if you did something wrong or whatever, but I have come to see that a bad ending, painful as it might be, usually was meant to happen as well (I mean the parting, not the painful part).

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