Little Vines 8/6/21

This week’s selection of Little Vines.

I’ve never changed.
No matter how many people I lose on the road,
I don’t look back.

We are numbers walking in the heat
sweating in the red air
at six o’clock in the morning.

What are they going to do with us?
We’ve become part of someone’s collection.
I’m starting to feel it.

Crying baby heard and reassured.
A bad dream that’s over.
I am here with you. The night is safe again.

a small thread loosened by wear
unraveled her story
the fourteenth time she told it

a freight train only this morning
spun merrily through the grade crossing while you waited
enjoying fifteen+ minutes of giving you the finger

a clean stretch of road
transformed by sleet and ice:
that describes our first and only date

Fluffing, call Mrs. Stan
tell her the old crank will meet her at the airport
warn her that the fluid actually is poisonous
Now I’m going out to lunch. See you at one-thirty.

We’ve never been surprised.
We’ve never been disappointed.
We’re chambermaids at the hotel.
You get this way after a while.

Sadly, he did not survive
the crash course in the small insidious
culinary stealth of the toadstool

birds, are you here, birds?
Mr. Bela croaked in his scratchy hoarse voice
and the crows welcomed him as one of their own

the wild impertinence of the choir
singing in confident naivete
their pulpy pitch and mealy intonation truly something to hear

a woman washes dishes
in the cavernous kitchen
radiating an infectious kind of placidity

every hour of every day is
a catalog
with millions of entries

6 thoughts on “Little Vines 8/6/21

    • Thank you. There is something about the oddities of life: if you see them too often, well, they become commonplace, or you just keep moving. That sounds like a fun life to have, that there is so much drama and interest that you get all you want!

      • You’re welcome, Claudia. Like all things, too much becomes too much. If I had a masseuse waiting at home for me each night, the life of a chambermaid might not be too bad 🙂

  1. There is a thread running through many of this week’s LVs about holding fast to your authentic self, refusal to conform or adapt to the expectations of others, and choosing instead to assert the truth of who you are.

    • I always like how you asses the overall mood of the Vines each week. Because I can never see any continuity in them at all, and your insight is valuable because it causes me to look them over again and to think about your summation, and what it means for the week I have just spent and for the time ahead. Thank you.

      • I am always glad to share my interpretations with you because I know you are always happy to receive them whether they accord with your own intended meaning or not.

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