Shadorma 225, Haiku 730, Tanka 140

Shadorma 225

the scissors
snip the stretched-out
Rubber band
lets loose a snap-back wasp sting
of a get even


Haiku 730

the barber’s neat work
thin white hair trimmed straight across
old man’s sunburned neck


Tanka 140

Overpriced perfume,
this one, but which one isn’t?
the saleslady thinks.
But the bottle’s exquisite.
She holds it with gentle hands.


5 thoughts on “Shadorma 225, Haiku 730, Tanka 140

  1. Ha! The last poem reminds me of my mother’s habit of buying perfume on the basis of the bottle rather than the scent. I love that first poem. The sounds of the words and the rhythm marry so well with the actions and emotions they describe.

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