Out of Step Season

Out of Step Season

She hugs herself
hands tucked inside the pocket
of her company logo apron
Just short of shivering
she stands on the concrete floor
below the sky-high ceiling
and the vents that blast a cold front
through the enormous store
A November storm in August
and she has left her jacket at home


2 thoughts on “Out of Step Season

  1. One of the big cultural adjustments I had to make when we emigrated was getting used to AC and to how cold some stores, restaurants etc keep their spaces. Honestly my body never really adjusted and I hate that feeling of stepping between very low temperatures and high temperatures so my adjustment was to try and remember to have a light cardigan or hoodie in the car for if I needed to layer up.

    • I’ve lived here all my life and I’ve never gotten used to it, too. I do the sweater thing as well. And I remember many times when working in an office I needed to take a break outside sometimes to warm up.

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