Little Vines 7/23/21

This week’s Little Vines. I’m still catching up to myself, so there are only a few.

The eyesight that shows the effort on the face
Mom was right: squinting does not flatter anyone’s looks.
Put on your glasses.

Is that an applicant?
No, friend, but there will be taxes.
Or is it axes? Faxes? Saxes? I always forget.

it always starts with a thread
you pull it and you end up here
togged up and busily scheming. Thank you,
blue latex dress and black faux leather belt.

The potatoes laughing up at him
lounging in a plate of stew –
A quick strike with the fork shut that down all right.

The roaring air conditioning units installed on the roof.
The silvery heat above their exhaust fans.
The sky vibrates. The sun is a red ball smashing the horizon.

The car creeps along the slippery road
a fragile glassy sheet rotten over icy puddles.
The loud crack. I jerk the wheel and slide into the ditch.

A mouth full of sagging teeth
double the expected number
Still work great. What would you give me for them?

A journey through rain in low light.
A rendezvous.
The street now empty.

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