A few new: In Town; It’s Complicated

Here are a couple of recent poems. I’ve been working on these for a few weeks. Finally they emerge from the murk into some kind of coherence. I hope. Anyway, this is where they present themselves. I will let them speak.

In Town

You clear the fog
with a wave of your hand
brush through the mist while
ghosts take to their heels
you laugh
how pleasant it is
to be recognized



It’s Complicated

very hot very bad very fast my thoughts
break and exhaust the order in which I put them
very hot many red and yellow words
I open my mouth releasing the whoosh! and I
don’t regret a thing but on the contrary
I rejoice when I see my thoughts printed on
his face the same way a plaster wall
becomes a lattice of broken lath and dust:
Set your fingers and do it I say.

I clean my hands with soap and water
They’ve been so daring, and I don’t want to
ruin my beautiful tight cotton dress
so nice and fresh blue this morning
It’s odd that this is what I’m thinking about right now.


3 thoughts on “A few new: In Town; It’s Complicated

    • Yes, once it’s formed, a thought gets a life of its own, which is good in some cases (leading to inspirations) and not so much in others (sad ruminations). But the good thing is, a new thought arises with a chance to direct it in a better way. At least that is the theory, it does take work, doesn’t it?

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