Haiku 728, Haiku 729, Tanka 139

Haiku 728

Yes yes I think so
you could be a friend of mine
starting from right now



Haiku 729

Pages of this book.
Read my memoir and find out.
Most of it’s the truth.



Tanka 139

OK Romeo
sit down in the barber’s chair
a swish of the cape
a terry towel cravat
quick slim scissors style you up


4 thoughts on “Haiku 728, Haiku 729, Tanka 139

  1. The middle one made me smile. I am not a big reader of biographies and memoirs but, when I do, I always think about all of the bits and pieces that were omitted and edited out of the life being told.

    • I find with biographies I start out strong and then it seems to me I lose interest and many authors seem to do so too when they slog through the profession career or whatever. I often think I would like a little livening up up the story, and what would be better than those stories that each person has and finds embarrassing or whatever. I would so much prefer it.

        • Yes, it seems to me at some point the biographer gets lost in all the facts, spews them out when they could be summarized, but then maybe the book might not be long enough, or else won’t be an authoritative source, but I would rather hit the high points and enjoy the personality of the biographed…

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