Haiku 727, Tanka 137, Tanka 138

Haiku 727

a lot of free time
in the first part of the day
at the service desk



Tanka 137

The sign out front says:
Caffeine addicts catered to
Drink our coffee black
Drink it with sugar and cream
Set your world to rights again



Tanka 138

Mom pushes the cart
the baby in the cart seat
brother behind him
older sister holds the side
groceries squeezed in somehow


3 thoughts on “Haiku 727, Tanka 137, Tanka 138

  1. That last poem took me back to when I used to have to take my four grocery shopping with me and they were all very wee. Two would be seated in the cart, squished together, and complaining about not having enough space. The other two had rules about staying close by, though I never insisted on them having to keep one hand on the cart. The worst thing about taking kids shopping with me, however, was all of the things they would want to add to the trolley which were absolutely not on the shopping list. Most of the time I would catch the item as it was plopped in but other times I would not spot it until it was being rung up at the register.

    The first poem made me think of all those jobs I have done where there was no happy medium in the degree of busyness. It was either boringly quiet or intensely and stressfully busy.

    • Ah, shopping with distractions…the slow road to insanity…!!! And for a job with no action or total action – my summers as a lifeguard, Barely staying awake on the chair, then, the moment when the toddler falls into the pool, you sure do get busy all of a sudden!

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