Little Vines 7/15/21

This week’s collection!

the baby yanks
the carpet catches the pearls
hitting the floor in a silent spatter

The ballet teacher
her hard eyes
following a ball game on the bar TV

her eyes with
irises of blue-green quartz
her tight red lips set like stone

You can make reservations
or have reservations –
which one is it, again?

the bartender hovers
the brats quarrel
I polish the pears and weep.

Secrets and that other type of graveyard talk,
the epitaph –
they do intertwine on your father’s headstone

It will be years before you can (if you do)
grow out of shapeless and into shapely
This distresses your mother very much right now
though you are not concerned one way or another

It is a wonderful disaster
A dire happy and a catastrophic magnificent
We jump around like water drops on a hot grill
That one quick moment of glee and then…pfft!

he answers with such reluctance
his words squeak along on ungreased wheels
that wobble like those on a broken shopping cart

a very clean bathroom
its sharp pale shapes coming into bright focus
what a place in which to deal with this awful hangover

in the chill surf the pebble gives birth
an industrious cloud wraps mist around the baby
the crow gropes to explain what he saw
Only the leaves on the trees believe him.

diagnosed dead five years ago but
the kind of person I happen to be
I continue to live and torment her right back

Frail rubbery fish
his fins torn and ragged at the edges
But he is enough. He swims past the hook.

I see her in the same way
as a 4,000-year-old broken shopping cart
appears a treasure to a future archeologist

Now only a few birds
mope along the shoreline.
Pain for the rest of your life.

exhausted by Ell and Ned’s version of the cha cha
the carpet wrinkled itself up
flung itself out from under them
They never noticed. On and on they danced.

Rain rising slowly outside the window
The salt drops lifting through the almost-quiet
How much do you remember of these souls
floating past?

skilled at deception
this blue faux-satin mermaid dress
and its spicy black leather strap details

6 thoughts on “Little Vines 7/15/21

  1. Great collection…I like how in the first one something that could happen very quickly and could be distressing (unless you didn’t really like those pearls) is slowed down to
    a sensory scene.

    • Thank you. I like the way you describe it, because that is how I felt. If the pearls hit the tile floor, they would go all over at high speed. The carpet just kinds of lets them down gently. Somehow this sequence ocurred to me (I have no idea why, I am not wearing a pearl necklace, there is no baby here, though I do have carpet!) and I wrote this all at once, as if I were witnessing it.

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