8 thoughts on “Completed Enigma

        • I am not in attentive but I take everything at face value (I have no agenda so I figure everyone else is on the up and up too) except as I have aged, well, now I am aware I need to be more discerning and I do a better job. Still…

        • I’m terrible at interpreting what other people mean. I once took a test matching emotions to facial expressions, and not only did I get most of them wrong , I couldn’t “see” the emotion in the face, even when told what it was. It’s a problem in interpersonal communication.

        • I have this same problem. I can never tell what a person is thinking by looking at them. I do better by checking their body language or their voice timbre, or whatever. I also don’t like to look too much at a person’s face when we are speaking, it seems too personal to me to do so, I don’t know why. So I guess I miss what the face might be telling me because I only glance at it.

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