A few new: So Much; Tanka 262; Haiku 934

Here are a few recent poems.

So Much

the teacher in the schoolroom
devises a strategy
for learning cursive handwriting

meanwhile the doctor in his office
faces a patient
in querulous condition

in the park
the lawnmowers roar
with the large-scale hum
of enormous buzzing insects

on the road a nun in a tan car
makes a left turn
into the shopping center

in the sky the eyes of a circling hawk
freeze a rabbit caught out of cover
between two gravestones in the cemetery

clouds move from the west
rain coming in by afternoon
Maybe we’ll know more by then.



Tanka 262

The white wooden chair
bust it up they said. It lies
one splintered leg skewed
in a defiant fist pump
Then the trash men dump the bin



Haiku 934

the sun yet to rise
poised to split the cool darkness
with a perfect dive


3 thoughts on “A few new: So Much; Tanka 262; Haiku 934

    • Thank you. I’ve thrown things into the dumpster and felt that they were having some feelings about the experience. I see a dumpster and think about the objects in it that once were useful or wanted and now…crash! dead.

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