it is. I clip the
whippy branch
at the joint
grab it pull it through the snarl
of tight-packed stems that

in their turn
end up on the pile
too. I dance
the rhythm
of removing that subtracts
in order to add

breathing room
this tired ancient bush
has usurped
long enough.
I raise the loppers and cut.
No apologies.

shadorma chain

2 thoughts on “Ceremony

  1. I thought maybe this was inspired by your project clearing out and renovating that patch of woodland but I see from the date that it was written before you embarked on that. Maybe it was prophetic but more likely it shows that you have the type of mindset that made you the perfect person for participating in that project.

    • Yes. This poem was inspired by a project I did in my yard that summer, the removal of a giant forsythia bush clump (the one that had the poison ivy in it that took me weeks to get over). But you are on the right trail. When I read about the PERT’s need for Reforesters it is my enjoyment of this project (minus the poison ivy) that made me sign up. Yes, I do like this kind of work very much.

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