A few new: Cup of Tea

A recent poem.

Cup of Tea

sip here, Describe…
why are there no messages in the leaves today?
the decrease
in the full cups of tea
Drink everything and forget

all investigations end here
sip here, taste –
a spill on the
white tablecloth
in the house with all these
cups of tea
being drunk
I don’t care how many times
You wash this thing
you will curse the stains.

The shadow never drinks.
It jogs your elbow
spills a drop or two from the cup
every time you sit together at the table.
The memory brings with it
You won’t forget that.

It’s a cup of tea.


4 thoughts on “A few new: Cup of Tea

    • And what would a cup of tea say if it felt as if it would want to bother to? Yes, that plus so many others is the question! I love the idea of tea leaves as telling a fortune, always have, I think it’s related to my love of stories of what I thought was very exotic in my childhood, in old books I used to read.

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