How Begun How Completed

How Begun How Completed

First the thought
comes to you. Then you
you plot points
on the map
you construct the method that
will construct the shape

your mind’s eye
sees but your hands must
the pieces
in ordered flow. The markers
on this road reel past

your footsteps
a series of one
many to
multiply back to the one
idea made real

shadorma chain

4 thoughts on “How Begun How Completed

  1. I really like the way you describe that process of translating an idea or a flash of inspiration from your head into something physical and visual.

    • Since I have no “mind’s eye” in which I see pictures, I have to put it all on paper. And catching those brief flashes of inspiration is really important because otherwise I am working pretty much as I go along.

      • I really admire your ability to do that. It seems like such a pure way to work. I wonder if my inner critic would be quieter if I didn’t have such strong visualisations of what I am trying to render on paper.

        • I wonder what it would be like to visualize something and draw it. No idea what that would be like. You could be right, I never think I’ve done a bad job, I don’t compare my art to the inspiration and not having a nagging image in my head is a nice thing, I think.

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