Shadorma 224, Tanka 135

Shadorma 224

inks flung splattered out
atolls strung
across the sea of matte paint
Polished stepping stones



Tanka 135

Ms. Can Opener
your pink handles aren’t enough
to keep you employed
since you won’t bite lids off cans
anymore. Here’s your pink slip.


4 thoughts on “Shadorma 224, Tanka 135

  1. I love that image of the inks as a map. The can opener one made me laugh because I have an absolutely terrible history with can openers. They fail at a spectacular rate. The one that has lasted me longest (8 years so far) was one I bought for 99p.

    • It is always the way. The cheap utensil lives long and prospers while the one that was supposed to be designer perfect…well…my current can opener is great and I think cost about $10 or less.

    • That can opener, it was touted as so perfect, so strong, so everything, and from the beginning, it sulked at me. Finally I wised up, replaced it with a cheaper model and ever since life has been good (for me, the old can opener is in a landfill somehwere right now, though I thought recently I should have kept it to make some kind of art thing out of it, or taken it apart, at least, to see what I could do..)

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