A few new: Lunch With You; Today is an Artwork

A couple of poems from this week.

Lunch With You

I see dust, eggs, and tomatoes
soup and meatballs
spinach in a can
a kind person
a bowl of some sort of spiky greens
two pots of basil
on the windowsill
in your kitchen
this morning
the twenty-second of June
the rain pouring down
outside the window
the leaves on the trees
pelted on and shivering
the oven warming up
to make us lunch.
I am so glad to be here today.


Last week I attended a Zoom session at the National Gallery of Art in which we did a series of guided writings while looking at a piece of art as part of their Virtual Studio program. In this event we viewed Urban/Interior by Robert Rauschenberg. I do not like Rauschenberg’s work much but I really enjoyed the session. I came away with writings that are finding their way into some poems (still in process). This short poem is derived and developed from one of those bits of writing.

Today is an Artwork

three sections of each day
red and pink and yellow
a line of striped beach towels
under the purple cyanotype sky


9 thoughts on “A few new: Lunch With You; Today is an Artwork

      • With satellite internet only, I can’t do any kind of zoom meeting that requires my input. It’s been very frustrating since I moved here 10 years ago and especially during covid times.

        • I can imagein. I don’t know if this helps, but the actual session did not require us to participate (I have also attended lectures from the Smithsonian that were the same way). It was like watching TV. There was a participatory session afterward which I did not attend and it did not matter if you skipped it as to what you got from the actual session.

        • Oh really! I could do one then. I did a couple of lectures at Irish botanical gardens where it was listen and type in questions with no problem. Thanks for letting me know.

        • I think if you are in doubt you could always email the organizer and find out if your set-up will work. But I think these larger institutions, they all work this way unless they say tickets are limited (which I have found usually means the teacher and students will be interacting)

    • Thank you. I invested a good bit of time in the pandemic in visiting websites of any place that offered classes, was a museum, art center, schools, even, and got on their email lists. Now I review the offerings as they come to me and I also keep adding new places as I find them (or subtracting some as I find they never have something that appeals to me). It does not take a lot of time to look these over and I have found it encourages me to take a chance on a topic that I might otherwise overlook. Or leads to something else, next weekend we plan to visit a museum in VA that I learned of through a Smithsonian presentation and subsequently got on its list and now we can see it in person.

      • Once again, I admire your organization. I’ve actually seen a bunch of things that interest me, but I’ve only managed to do the embroidery one so far. And I’m already way behind….

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