Travel and Confront Difficulties

Travel and Confront Difficulties

The eager concierge
casts out a line of fervent hospitality
that you step to avoid but his aim is too good
Now it’s your move
you have to show you know how a nice hotel works
You must let him assist you.
Think fast. All that comes to mind
ask for more towels that you don’t need
but you don’t want to make trouble
for the maid staff
who have nothing to do with this mess

that perfectly balanced
May we do anything for you, sir?
still lingers in the air

what you can do is
ask for restaurant recommendations
you know you will not take.


4 thoughts on “Travel and Confront Difficulties

  1. I have often found concierges to be useful founts of information about a local area but I definitely find it off-putting if they are over-eager. It’s that car sales vibe that sets me into adversarial mode. Better that, however, than the hotel staff who fail to provide the basic requests like actually having towels in the room.

    • And I always feel like I need to have some reason for them to help me, if they ask (knee-jerk people pleaser that I am).I should know better, but still…especially when the concierge is young, I just want to be helpful. Which is crazy. I’m supposed to be the guest!

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