One Minute

One Minute

Coming through the curve
the long-haul train
curls around the five or so kids
down the embankment
knee-deep in the white daisies
and the spiky green weeds
doing the waving at the train
like always when they’re out here
and the train’s passing by
on the backbone of the curve
maybe get a wave or two back
but already they’re turning aside

the weeds along the tracks blowing
the train picking up speed
and away


4 thoughts on “One Minute

    • We did not have train traffic where I was when I was a child, except for one crossing we were well warned to stay away from. This poem I wrote when I was a passenger on the train and I saw, at the Horseshoe Curve near Johnstown PA, people at the little park below the tracks waiting for the train to pass, to see it go through the curve. It made an impression on me.

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