A few new: Snippets 369, 367, 365

Schedule disruptions and a cranky computer prevented me from posting these yesterday. As my poetry session of this week I did some Snippets. Here are three of them.

after nightfall.
the city took any opportunity
to persuade

the uneven darkness
All of the silent mercy
of the Sky

Then, a voice.
She tried to answer.

5 thoughts on “A few new: Snippets 369, 367, 365

  1. I am very inspired by your snippets. I am thinking of using this concept in an art quilt I need to work on for a specific show on historical figures where I want to get some of their words across. Thinking of printing out phrases on ink jet paper and doing a snippet concept. 🙂

    • I think it sounds like a great idea. Look forward to seeing how you do it, I am sure it will be creative and yet harmonious with the visual part of the art.

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