Haiku 713, Tanka 128, Haiku 714

Haiku 713

last used yesterday
the knitting needles impale
a ball of green yarn


Tanka 128

full blue coffee mugs
full sugar bowl and creamer
no sign of a spoon
the hostess takes a phone call
leaves perplexed guests to simmer


Haiku 714

impressive cobwebs
drape the dresser’s underside
testing the dust mop


3 thoughts on “Haiku 713, Tanka 128, Haiku 714

  1. There’s a sense of suspended time in each of these poems – the needles waiting to be used again, the guests waiting for a spoon or their host, and the cobwebs waiting to be removed by the duster.

    • I like to think about things that, when we are not using them or interacting with them, how they are in repose. There is often a real sense of peace in thinking about this concept, an out-of-time’s constraints kind of feeling, I think.

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