Despite the Odds Against It

Despite the Odds Against It

Two hours plus fifteen minutes late
give or take. Signal problems
thirty minutes out from Pittsburgh
A seven hour trip now heading for ten
The sold-out all-seats-taken motionless train
stands on the tracks between two green hills
in the rain. Seven women group-travel
bound for a week in New York City
late at the departure and
scattered into any open seats
they trade places with agreeable strangers
aggregate in the center of the car and
now they are singing Frank Sinatra songs
with the conductor


6 thoughts on “Despite the Odds Against It

    • It was a real incident, I pretty much just told a story here. It was a miserable situation heading to people fuming and then this group got going and soon everyone was cheered up. The conductor made it a point to come back to the car throughout the rest of the trip and call out scenic vistas, like the Horseshoe Curve near Altoona. It was a memorable trip in a lot of ways.

    • One thing I would ask for in my next life, a nice singing voice. I am suited only for singing in very large groups, where no one can hear me dreadfully off tune and pitch. And it’s too bad because I like singing. I do it at home.

      • Groups are good for singing. I too sing at home. But I love hearing people singing spontaneously on the street, or anywhere. They don’t even have to be “good”. Enthusiasm goes a long way. And after all, Bob Dylan has made a career of not being able to carry a tune.

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