Large Artist Sketchbook 2020: Endless

You may know that in addition to my poetry I also do art, posted on my blog Claudia McGill and Her Art World. For the next several months I will be posting here a combined art/poetry project, Large Artist Sketchbook 2020.

I fill up sketchbooks with all kinds of art. Some contain images only and some of them I use the images as inspiration for poetry. In these books the image is on one page of the spread and the poetry on the other. This book is set up in this manner.

I’ll show you the image and then add the poem that goes with it. See what you think.


We drove oh how long
we were in the car
eleven hours through
three meals rest stops and
pulling over to
get out and stretch the
road kept on reaching
out and pulling us
along until we
tried to turn to get
away but always
another one stepped
in to take us up
All day from sunrise
to after black dark
the car carried us
I envied the trees
alongside the road
because they were set
dug in with their roots
did not have to go
anywhere no one
made them travel a
mile. Ever. I so
wished I could be home.

Large Artist Sketchbook 2020 Image 3
each line 5 syllables

2 thoughts on “Large Artist Sketchbook 2020: Endless

    • Thank you. I do not like to travel much, and to me, being a tree, that would be very much in my nature. This poem is based on my feelings from when I was very small and we would visit my grandparents, only 250 miles away but 11 hours on winding tiny roads back then. Plus a ferry ride. Now it would not be like that. And there would be little travel anxiety, I guess. I am glad it was as it was, it was part of what formed me to think a tree is a good life, among other things!

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