Revealed Too Much

Revealed Too Much

the mirror in the hall
years and years in an easy job
reflecting the endless procession of images
that slipped across the glass
the pursed lips auditioning lipstick
the twirls of well-dressed partygoers
the fit of a stylish coat the flick of lint off its collar
the doubt in the eyes above a pearl necklace
the cross-eyed faces pulled for a laugh
the marks of tears poorly concealed
indifferent to all of it

broken in the argument
last summer


7 thoughts on “Revealed Too Much

    • Thank you. I was thinking about a mirror in my grandmother’s dining room I remember from childhood. For as long as I remember it was there, reflecting our family get togethers and so on. I particularly remember a picture in my parents’ wedding album (the reception was held at my grandparents’ house) showing the bride and groom and a crowd of people, and then there was a whole other view as shown in the mirror, including parts of the room the photo did not show. That is what I think set me up on my fascination with mirrors and what they have seen and what they have kept to themselves. Or not.

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