Not An Accident

Not an Accident

At peace with the world
despite the crowds on the roads
I wait for the traffic light to change
then move forward. The car to my left
swings to the right. I stomp the brakes hard
hit the horn and hold it. In a blare of adrenaline
my heart races. I wait for a collision
that does not come. Instead
the car scribes a half-circle
through the intersection
before it straight-lines up the hill
No apologies and no regrets
Only a black-sleeved arm
stuck out of the window:
the passenger gives me the finger.

I stare at the X in the road
where we did not meet.
It takes me some time
to get back to being at peace with the world.


5 thoughts on “Not An Accident

  1. Wow–the person makes an illegal move, and give you the finger?
    I understand that thought of being taking time to be at peace with the world. There’s been a lot fo that lately.

    • I think being a passenger is even worse, as being both a driver and a passenger depending, these days, being out of control of what the driver is doing is maybe even more scary.

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