A Few New: Tanka 256; Shadorma 356; Driving the Streets of This City

How about a few recent poems to read?

Tanka 256

the bitter skitter
skip hop non-stop storm coming
wind jerks at my hair
tangle-skein weather knitter
thinks I’m a knot in the yarn


Shadorma 356

lives in ebony
ink on white
rice paper
long after petals fade and
pink falls on the grass


This poem is inspired by my little granddaughter. I am anticipating, as she is too small for any of this right now, but it won’t be long. I’m remembering my own very early driving days, too, I guess.

Driving the Streets of This City

well, the baby had a car
small and about a hundred percent plastic
but it was a car with a full tank of fruit juice
and it rode fine
her driving technique less finesse
than frayed
but she found a way to crank this roadster out of park
and she hit the open road
snaking and sliding and finally
skidding out on the slick surface
of the kitchen floor
she’s a smart lady and she knows
when the ride’s played out –
she left that car slewed stove-side
and she hitchhiked out of there
courtesy of a nice lady who came looking for her
with the offer of a place to sleep
the car picked up a tow later that evening
landed at a nice garage nosed tight into a space
everything’s going to be new in the morning
good night, everyone



4 thoughts on “A Few New: Tanka 256; Shadorma 356; Driving the Streets of This City

    • Thank you. We have a pink peony on our back yard that I rescued from a plant swap at the library some years ago. It was comatose when transplanted but somehow survived and is thriving. I see it outside right now, even in this rain it is happy.,

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