Little Vines 5/26/21

This week’s Little Vines.

well, he lied too, I said
with a blithe swoop of baseless logic
I watch the drowning minds flailing around me
as the truth canoe overturns and sinks

in the last minutes of the planet’s life
the doves hunt
the prey staggers

we need to root out the untruths
we must uncook the books
we have to let this go punished

with a precision
I have never met with before
you have both burnt and half-baked this cake

limply cold
never bold:
iceberg lettuce

One more person
quickly clean and thoroughly washed
and this bar of soap has given its all. Thank you.

then when it’s dark
the least powerful
find their stings and strike

Are you ready to go
into your next incarnation?
Are you ready to see the stars rebloom?

The brown serpent bites
and fools recover from its venom
Never. Everyone knows and yet
the next one to come along caresses it all the same.

a procession of
sour-faced ants
marching away from your wedding cake

The alarm clock purrs.
Coughs. Clears its throat.
Brays. Yes, all better now.

the lemon unpeeled
and none of us knows as it knows
the bleakness of lifelong living sour

in the nest
the eggs move restlessly
the lizard scampers on the branch above

the gems chime faintly
the bracelet resettles itself on your wrist
the tones reverberate in the ear that hears them.

The metallic calls of cynical boatmen
The impulsivecurrents that have led to many misadventures
Queens linger at their peril

no, no, don’t wait,
begin another tedious rant
why don’t you

a children’s game
listless somersaults and inept bragging
an office game
listless somersaults and inept bragging

all numbed up are you
said the dentist
with a hoarse laugh

the adolescent howlings
the lurid anger of coquettish laughter
the gruesome nature of high school

the farmer giggles
the sheep gloat
the bats flutter in the twilight sky –
it’s not an evening for the apprehensive.

4 thoughts on “Little Vines 5/26/21

  1. Lots of explorations of negative interactions this week – the ants who are disgusted by the cake, the school and office braggarts, the caustic High School bullies, the harm inflicted by lies, a lemon-sour life, and stings and snake bites.

    • Yes, I don’t know why everyone is so full of gripes this week! It is the luck of the draw with what vocabulary I have saved (usually I am using pages in my notebook from some time back, not necessarily current). I do like the odd paths I have ended up here this week, though – those ants stick in my mind. If you are not happy with something, don’t take a bite, not even one!

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