Commissioned Work

Commissioned Work

I card the wool of your tangled biography
resulting in seven short chapters of spun yarn
not enough to knit much of a sweater
but I try. By including cobwebs, garden twine,
the fishing line filament I find in the basement
the odd bits of string from the junk drawer
a half-spool of ribbon left over from trimming curtains
I construct a garment. Ill-fitting and misshapen
it is nonetheless my best effort. I am certain
it corresponds to your outline but I admit
it may not flatter your figure. Nonetheless
I have finished. I will submit my invoice shortly.
Thank you.


11 thoughts on “Commissioned Work

    • Thank you. It’s funny how these things work; I was thinking about how when a person does a biography, the research must be like combing…and then this idea came to me of carding wool, no idea why, but I know how hard it is to get the wool cleaned and ordered, so it seemed to fit, and then the poem just leaped along on its own. I do like it when this happens.

    • Thank you. And I would be very flattered if it did. I like how this one turned out – all the parts of it fit and the images are (to me) interesting. I have always wondered how people sort out all the tangles of a person’s life to create a biography, and I pretty much think this poem expresses how I feel many of them turn out – would the actual person be able to wear the story when it is done?

  1. I’ve always wondered how there can be so many threads left to gather at all. I’m sure combing is the right word for it. And I think the fit is in a constant state of needing alterations. (K)

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