Feeling Things Out

Feeling Things Out

Read the map
marked out in the tile squares
of the kitchen floor
Find our way to dinnertime

Take the silverware and the plates
from the packing boxes
Rinse them under the faucet
whose foibles we’ve yet to discover
Set them on our old table
now standing uneasy
like us
in this unfamiliar room

like the spice jars lined up
behind the door of their new cabinet
like the dishtowels in the drawer
stacked in the dark

with a brush of the fingers along the windowsill
gauging its width for a pot of geraniums
set one at each end?


3 thoughts on “Feeling Things Out

  1. There are those uneasy days of settling in. I still can’t remember where I put things, although I can remember I’ve seen them somewhere…(K)

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