A New Edition

A New Edition

It was healing to be part of the crowd
because pretending took up all my time and
I never thought about my previous biography
Only about my current one. Until you said
We’ve met once before, I think and I flicked my eyes
side to side and you went on but I can’t be sure
It was ten years or so ago and now

I hope I don’t need to write myself into a new book.


2 thoughts on “A New Edition

  1. I enjoy the mystery and intrigue of this poem. I am now wondering whether the narrator is simply someone who chooses to reinvent themselves and adopt a new persona or whether they are someone who is hiding out for some reason, such as witness protection or a criminal on the run.

    • I think there is a whole range of people we are in our lives, and our revisions can be innocent or more seriously intended to deceive or hurt. I like to think about this – as I get older I clearly see that I am a series of people merging one into the other, with common traits and of course memories, and so on, but hmmm…at any point, circumstances might force a shift in my patterns and the new chapters, well, I might be unrecognizable.

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