A Few New: Shadorma 354; Haiku 926; Leave it

Here are some recent poems.

Shadorma 354

a guy who
fixes things who zings
arrows who
splits nonsense
who stomps it dead eats it cold
find me that guy



Haiku 926

a vain lady blinks
her pleased expression tells me
she buys what I sell



Leave it

A tight-woven
voiced its opinion
a prayer
for the dead people toting suitcases of ritual
into the afterlife
heading for a place grim and sere
as it should be of course
Everyone knows

Then somehow it all went wrong
Off key and a few beats behind
the holiness slipped in the mud
missed the casting off of lines
and the going on with things
The boat left shore in the confusion

minus a sense of doom
and neither crew –
rowing in time with the
percussive sound of those suitcases
being thrown into the river –
nor passengers
could ever say later on
who tossed the first one
but the idea was popular and it spread

The boat rode higher in the water
the dark waters lost their menace
the sky took on a velvety matte haze and
there arose a gleeful atonal chanting
over the river

The passengers and crew agreed
Now was the time to
jump ship for that likely-looking island

The afterlife
is turning out to be
very different
from what everyone had expected
For one thing,
Who knew you’d need a bathing suit?


4 thoughts on “A Few New: Shadorma 354; Haiku 926; Leave it

    • Yes. I often think people have a set idea how things will be. And what a surprise it will be when there is a whole other plan no one had any idea of. That’s my theory. Pack your bathing suit.

      • I’m hoping it’s not the way it’s portrayed by religions. But why should it be any less surprising than life? If it’s anything at all. Also a possibility, and I’m OK with that too.

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