10 thoughts on “To Come

    • I like to think about houses (and other buildings too, but houses are my favorite) when there are no people. Since I believe houses have their own spirits, I feel like at this time the house can be its own self, and I always wonder how that can feel in a house I know (but I can’t find out because once I am there…) But I did not think of ghosts. Yes. I am hoping for the kinds of ghosts that had a peaceful feeling in this house (not the screaming traumatized ones). And when a house is abandoned…l admit, I hate the sight of an abandoned house, but maybe…it’s just ready to go? You can see I may be getting too deep into my own thinking here…

      • I think houses definitely have–hmmm? A sense of themselves? A holding of spirits? I’m not sure, but there are definitely some houses that have given me good feelings and a few that have given me very bad feelings.

        • Yes. Sometimes I think it is how the space is arranged in the house, or the like, and other times – I think there is atmosphere that is not explained by someting we can see. I like this idea.

  1. Silence. Such an overlooked privilege and pleasure. I love my husband and sons dearly but I am very much looking forward to the resumption of normalcy when I can spend at least a little time at home in complete silence. Your poem has me thinking that our house might feel the same way when it finally gets to be empty for periods of time each day.

    • Yes, and the air currents thruogh the dwelling are interesting to track and observe – each place is different and you can feel the air move, or you can trace smells. And just like people, they need stimulation from the outside world all right, too.

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