A Few New: Haiku 924; Extricated; Haiku 925

How about a couple of very short poems and a longer one for today? They represent some of my recent work.

Haiku 924

dressed for a luau
eating a diner dinner
in Pennsylvania



more ambitious than milk
more in love than a maple tree
more conversational than a catacomb
the scarecrow lingers in the sun
a crow standing on the rotting brim of his straw hat
he does nothing about it.
Lukewarm about pretty much everything these days
I am

he says to the crow

the both of them wavering
under the boiling sun
stark in the middle of the field
squeezed in tight by the endless
endless rows of corn drying on the stalk

When the crow departs
enough time passed so it’s clear
it’s his idea to go
and no one else’s
he still has his pride
and somewhere to go to
he is
a black speck riding the waves of heat
withering to nothing
vanished in the hard blue sky

The scarecrow
limp as the old T-shirt
he’s wearing this summer
resumes rotting in the field


Haiku 925

I ask the mirror:
am I that predictable
in my pink sarong?


10 thoughts on “A Few New: Haiku 924; Extricated; Haiku 925

  1. I love the scare/crow one of course. My crow has shown up here–at least he’s making a lot of noise and daring me to find him, a task at which I have not yet succeeded. “Enough time has passed so it’s clear it’s his idea to go”–I’m still smiling. (K)

    • Thank you. I was going along with Extricated and it sounded like it should be a gloomy poem but somehow I did not feel the characters in it were gloomy, and then all of a sudden I thought of the ending, and it all came to the right place. I am happy with this one. Thank you.

      • Yes, you did transform what could have been seen as gloomy. I hadn’t thought of that… I feel/felt comfortable in the poem.

        • Sometimes I get caught in what I think the poem is about and find out I am not really writing that, so that others would see it as I do. I am getting better at stepping back and noticing this, I think this poem benefited.

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