Ambiguous Ending

Ambiguous Ending

here they lived in these rooms
here they looked in the mirror
the mirror playing out of tune
a spotted and faded accompanist
to the sour face
frowning at smudged lipstick
to the hard eyes
considering the glint of a gold tie clip
the melody faltering in the empty house
as the cut flowers on the hall table
drop curled petals on a film of sifted pollen
in the new silence


2 thoughts on “Ambiguous Ending

  1. This makes me think of all those abandoned and decaying houses that still contain their fixtures and fittings. They always make me think of the lives those objects led before, the things they witnessed and overheard.

    • Or historic houses with the original inhabitants’ possessions. I always imagine them as being fed up with having to be on display and have no privacy, through no fault of their own.

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