Little Vines 5/3/21

This week’s Little Vines.

eighteen years of bad memories
neatly and completely recycled
in one crunch of the crushing machine –
I keep feeding in the quarters.

I checked into the antique hospital
drew the scratchy cotton sheets up to my chin
there might have been jello too
but then my appendix burst and I sort of lost the plot

where is the guarantee, you want to know
that even if I hold the scalpel thing right
I will hit your appendix on the first try?

Solve this plot problem: If we buy the restaurant on the corner
If my sisters do the cooking and I’m the waitress
Who causes the explosion that puts an end to us all?

Today’s color is purple and
you say: tear-stained ink on scented notepaper
I say: a great big plump eggplant in the fridge

a breeze it’ll be a breeze
the Pink Pinwheel said
dizzy dazzling head-spinning beautiful breeze

the flute
a cold insult

No friends
No fleas
Plenty of gratitude

in January, you say,
you will be married.
I bite off the thread.
Why does it matter so much?

A small woman at a big party
enmeshed in twenty pounds of velvet dress
caught like a fish in an expensive net but
unlike the fish she had a pair of scissors

I need and I mean I need that coffee grinder
to achieve my most alluring self –
and some hot water, too. Please.

The cabdriver splatters
the cat. The passengers
and the tires squeal down the road.

I’m game are you game?
and the music plays again.
The fuming merchant waits for your next offer.

I lie in bed
The world rotates the tide comes in
The foghorn groans a bleary-eyed good-night

the snow falls for you
submerges your troubles for you
builds a wall of wind-drifts to shelter you
shifts today’s worries to tomorrow for you

the abyss opens
Barbie swims free. In her wake
the paralyzed plumbing gasps and chokes.

the sun shines joylessly
the hatchet sings and kills:
Fried chicken tonight.

deceptions crawl
lithe and quick
behind the bride and groom  

12 thoughts on “Little Vines 5/3/21

  1. There is a thread running through many of these Little Vines about changing ones circumstances through removal – there are scissors, and bitten threads, surgical removal of organs, explosions, departing taxis, and a Barbie leaving people in her wake.

    • Well, it fits in with the times, I think. I know I have been removing myself from some things all right. I like the way you listed out all the elements, I had not thought of this group as cohesive like this.

      • My brain does this weird thing when I read your LVs where it spots one connection between two poems and then it is almost as if it is seeking out other connections on that theme.

  2. I am particularly responding to today’s colour being purple, and I am with you on the egg plant too. But the idea of Barbie swimming free takes the prize for me today.

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