Haiku 705, Tanka 126, Haiku 706

Haiku 705

the grin on your face
the hours all of us have spent
guessing the reasons


Tanka 126

Red sun. End of day.
Night’s request for a clean start:
please wipe up that spill
A pink-stained cloud the answer
in scraps with moon shining through.


Haiku 706

hid in the closet
all day and slept most of it
and no one noticed


4 thoughts on “Haiku 705, Tanka 126, Haiku 706

    • I was thinking of the cat.Who has already figured out that this is a good idea! And yes, I agree with you, I do think the sleeping in the closet for the day idea, given that the closet is comfortable, well, it sounds like a little personal clubhouse just for yourself.

  1. As I dragged myself out of bed this morning to collect the laundry to take to the basement I was wishing for a day with absolutely nothing I had to do. That closet does sound appealing.(k)

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