Little Vines 4/30/21

This week’s Little Vines.

maybe it was a heaping helping
but it seems to her it went awfully fast –
The years passed too soon. Her time is running out.

and then add one cup of chagrin –
the milk soured itself
rather than contribute a drop to the classless
packaged vanilla pudding mix

going all those places they never anticipated
those stowaways
who’ve had to hop on to the good ship Plan B

Your hand before my face testing me –
The ink-black darkness a blindfold –
We came so close to meeting, didn’t we?

ignoring the rolls of cash in her purse
she pulled out a big egg
set it on the counter and fried it with her gaze
Good enough? she asked. No one dared say a word.

the waitress
at the end of a tattered day
repairs a tear in the back booth seat cushion
swearing as the duct tape sticks to itself

a happy message –
a marvelous laugh –
good news! good news!

Mother Nature
we’d be willing to squawk hard and fly fast.
Say the word. We will do anything for you.

please beetle
be careful
stay alive
because you are beautiful

In the hospital waiting room I worry
the car accident: what if it didn’t work
The next thing I say is
Yes, I see. Thank you, doctor.

The surf rushes up the beach to meet you
Tell her yourself, it says to me
Yes, there is still time.

blades of grass multiplied by millions
the sun shines
and the sheep move carelessly left and right

What do you do
you put on your coat and leave.
It’s what you do. (Turns to me)
Isn’t it what she does? (I sob)

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