On the Sidewalk in the County Seat Forty Years Ago

On the Sidewalk in the County Seat Forty Years Ago

He saunters down the street. Purses his lips
whistles something tuneless because
well, because it’s a
Lovely spring day. There’s plenty of scenery
and always more coming along.
Isn’t that right?
Yes, it is. It’s right all right.

Lovely spring day. He said:
hey there don’t I know you from somewhere
She said:
Two words: get lost
He said:
Who me are you talking to me
She said:
You bet I am.
You heard me.
Get lost.

She crosses the street at the traffic light
flaps her hand in front of her face
as if to shoo away a fly
A gust of pink petals
from a cherry tree
making the most of its street-side location
showers her as she steps up on the curb.
Lovely spring day. It’s right all right.


4 thoughts on “On the Sidewalk in the County Seat Forty Years Ago

  1. I enjoyed the collision of these two personalities and their outlooks. I like to think that the shower of blossom might change the woman’s mood. We all sometimes need something to jolt us out of a bad mood after all.

    • I based this on several encounters in Norristown probably 40 years ago, I had to go to the courthouse for my job quite often and as I walked down the street, dressed in 1980’s business style, I always got some guy approaching me. I always wish I had said, get lost, like this lady. And then the flower blossoms would wash away the aggravation, if not the jerk who caused it.

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