A Few New: Tonight the laundry; Ask Your Mother

How about a couple of recent poems featuring a domestic setting?

Tonight the laundry

the secrets
that never make it to the sidewalk
the what goes on in
this maze of tiny red-brick houses
sunk into their frost-bitten quarter acres

is what every washing machine
in every basement knows
Dirty laundry is everywhere and eternal
what a good friend does is
make use of the detergent
and the bleach and slosh the rinse water
and in the dark
if necessary



Ask Your Mother

Ask your mother
her answer should be No
but you’re betting on Yes


put yourself in her place

faced with piles of laundry and
cat vomit on the carpet
the repairman is late and
then there are
some kids who will
Get Lost
if that is what you shout
as twang goes your last nerve
but oh you know you shouldn’t shout
so instead
you will hiss out a
that slithers away and takes the kids with it
and that sure helps her out

Doesn’t it? So try it.
Ask your mother.


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