6 thoughts on “Bauble

  1. “Chemical-enhanced suburban jewelry” – I love that phrasing! It has something sad, pathetic and artificial in it, but it also acknowledges the value of adorning, making as beautiful as you can, whatever it takes. I feel respect for this house, its lawn and the people who live in it.

    • I live in suburbia, so I see all kinds of neighborhoods and lawn care (which is a big thing in the suburbs). It doesn’t matter how big your house is, you can make it look great with your yardwork. It really is like how a person dresses and what accessories they have. People make fun of the suburbs, but we have our ways and they are my home! I am with you, I do admire people who devote love and attention to their houses in this way, it says something to me.

  2. Your poem has reminded me of something from my childhood. A neighbour of my grandfather used to mow his lawn into those stripes and I used to marvel at the precision of the lines and found it fascinating that the same blades of grass could apparently produce those two different shades of green in order to be seen as stripes. I have never attempted to recreate the magic.

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