7 thoughts on “Shadorma 208, 209

    • You need the cleansing power of a detergent meant for tough jobs, to stick with the laundry motif. And a good hose to wash it all away. If only there was a mental method to do just this!

    • You know I was just thinking about this the other day, I was thinking about the laundry room in one building I lived in before I was married and thinking collecting quarters, now I would have to go to the bank and get change as I never use currency.

        • I have 20 dollar bills in my wallet very angry that they are stuck there, I think, since I never think to call on them to pay for anything these days.

        • I buy fruit and vegetables at the farmer’s market and street stands a lot of the time, and they mostly want cash. But that’s about it. Oh and tipping people, which you can’t escape in NY.

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