A Few New: Faulty; A Gleaming Sleek Fairy Tale

Here are a couple of new poems from recent days.

In so many areas of life this kind of thing happens. Who to blame?


No refunds
Said the saleswoman
You knitted
A sweater
With the yarn. Used it all up
Every single inch

Of ten skeins.
The yarn is lovely
The sweater
a poem
I said. But it doesn’t fit.
I need a refund.

shadorma chain

I don’t know what prompted me to write this one except for: 1. I like crows. 2. I like fairy tales. 3. Well, I guess that is enough to have gotten me started. Then the poem just wrote itself.

A Gleaming Sleek Fairy Tale

the crow king plucked the betrayal
from the sticky nectar of flattery
sewed it with meticulous stitches
secure into a sack
cast it into the mossy blackness of the well
it must be done
so said the sorceress and
so said the clouds in the sky

In this simple garden
under the moon
thawed out thin and pale
high in the afternoon sky
mosquitos hum
in the creases of a wrinkled linen day
worn in while doing harsh work

the crow king
though you’d never know it
if you could see him but
only his glittering eye
he disappears into the shadows
Cleansed hollow
a bit of his soul strayed and gone
deep into the dark waters
of that bottomless well
all light absorbed into his black glossy feathers


5 thoughts on “A Few New: Faulty; A Gleaming Sleek Fairy Tale

    • Thank you. I have liked fairy tales since I was very young and my grandmother read them to me before bed. There is something about the mix of magic and cold hard practicality they have that attracts me, not to mention the thought of tiny girls who can sit on a flower petal or use half a nutshell for a boat or birds that transform back into princes with the wearing of a coat made of nettles. I could go on and on.

  1. Your poetry and tales are very interesting. They make me reflect about so many things. 😉🤗🤗🤗

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