In a Maze of Lives

In a Maze of Lives

The place is haunted
good chance for a little detective work
said the skinny sleepwalker
deep in a dream of a tottery four-story house
where he once spent a week when he was seven
He opened the closet door
began rearranging
the shelves of his wife’s shoes
opening the lid of each shoebox
peering into the haunted darkness
occasionally lifting out a shoe by its heel and sniffing


4 thoughts on “In a Maze of Lives

  1. There is something inherently creepy I think about sleepwalking, both from the perspective of the sleepwalker and those who encounter them. I have no direct experience of sleepwalking but I am a member of a family full of sleeptalkers and that is creepy enough.

    • I don’t think I have ever had an encounter with a sleepwalker nor am I one myself, but I agree. Somehow the idea of your body going out on its own is…creepy.

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